RECOVER Project, supported by EIT RawMaterials, transforms bauxite residue and metallurgical residues into porous, fire resistant and other inorganic polymers products exhibiting unique properties while contributing to circular economy.

Mobile Production Modular Unit

Take the opportunity to experience a first-of-a-kind working mobile production unit that upcycles bauxite residue and metallurgical residues into building material.


Watch – Touch – Feel The Future

Learn how to produce inorganic polymers and lower CO2 construction materials through our video workshops.


Experience Our Materials

Be part of an impressive demonstration of objects and construction materials made from bauxite residue and metallurgical residues.



Irish Time
09:00 Opening & Welcome
09:05 Presentation by Aughinish
09:15 Presentation by EIT RawMaterials
09:30 Presentation by RECOVER Coordinator
09:45 Aughinish Plant Tour
10:00 Pilot Plant Operation by Leuven University
10:20 Pilot Plant Tour at Aughinish
10:25 Materials Exhibition at Aughinish and studio
10:40 Live Workshops –  How to make Inorganic Polymer by Leuven University
11:10 Break
11:20 Material Fabrication by Resourcefull
11:30 Material Testing by National Technical University of Athens
11:45 Material Testing by Slovenian Building and Civil Engineering Institute (ZAG)
12:00 Bauxite Residue Sintering by Belgium CRM Group
12:10 Bauxite Residue Valorisation in Future by RECOVER Coordinator
12:20 «Round Table» for questions
13:00 Closing

You are welcome!

The event is open to entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, designers and anyone that is enthusiastic about making the Circular Economy happen within the built environment.